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I finally got my hands on one of the so-called "Kopparkegs" after calling up to reserve one from Morrisons (they are literally flying off the shelves) as every visit beforehand proved to be a waste of time!

Price and Availablity

Priced at £18 per keg, the 5Litre keg is offered in two flavours; Strawberry and Lime, and the new for this year, Mixed fruits. I got the Strawberry and lime flavour, and I absolutely love it. Originally released last year, the keg was hugely popular, so a re-release was obviously needed. I'm not sure how many more kegs are available in the UK, but I have heard that Kopparberg is considering on releasing it again later on in the year, so if you miss out this time you can always try to get one during the relaunch. 

The keg saves you about £3.70 when comparing it to the price of the equivalent in bottles (which are £2.17 each in Morrisons), so it's a good alternative.

The Taste

A lot of people I have spoken to really enjoy the taste of Kopparberg, and they often pass comment on the naturally sweet taste when drinking their products. I agree with this as the notes within certain products are sweeter than others.
The Kopparkeg, however, is slightly different. Yes, it is sweet but this is due to the addition of strawberry and lime ''juices'' which are naturally sweet, rather than the addition of chemical flavourings which are chemically sweet. 

I purchased the  Strawberry and Lime keg and found that the bottles are more carbonated whereas, the keg, in the same flavour, has a smooth and still mouthfeel, this definitely makes the flavours of the cider more pronounced in my opinion. If you prefer a more fizzy approach to your ciders then the bottles would be better suited to you. If you dislike the fizz then the light ciders or the keg is more up your alley.

Getting it to work

Once you have secured your keg (Lucky you!) you might be a little bit intimidated by how to prime it so it's ready to use. It's really quite simple, actually. So, once you have setup the keg., pull the black spout tab out, then twist the red cap to the left until you hear it click. Now you are ready to pour, you can do this by pulling up the black trigger to release your cider, just remember to place your glass under it! ha-ha!

You can see it in action here:

Are you a cider drinker and do you like Kopparberg? If you do then I fully recommend you try to get your hands on one of these beauties as they taste smooth, fresh and are great to share! You can pick these up in Morrisons, ASDA and Tesco's but they are going really fast). 

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  1. This looks ideal for summer BBQs and gatherings. It's the fizziness of drinks that can put me off so I love that this is stiller!

  2. I've never tried this, but it sounds good so I could definitely be tempted. I'll keep my eye out for it.

  3. Wow! I've never seen one of these kegs before (must have been living under a rock!), but they'd be great for a BBQ or party x

  4. I got one of these for my Father's Day BBQ! It lasted ages! We had to pop it in the fridge a long time before hand but definately worth getting!

  5. I do like kopperberg but I like the carbonation so I think i'd stick to the bottles. Its not something i drink very often but in a hot summers day you can't beat one or three

  6. I do like Kopperberg its one of mine and my partners favourites, I didn't know they did kegs, will have to get one for a party or BBQ

  7. This is my favourite summer drink, I'll have to pick the keg up for my next BBQ x

  8. Ooh these could be dangerous! I would love to try the Mixed Fruits flavour. I think I would prefer it to the bottles too as occasionally they can feel a little too fizzy as you say.

  9. When I used to live in London the Mixed Fruits flavour was my favourite!! I can't find it in Korea though >_<


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