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Indian Lamb and Spinach

Lamb is definitely one of my go-to meats and I think that it's severely underrated and overlooked compared to other meats on offer.

This recipe is an Indian style lamb and spinach dish and it's a perfect meal to have on a cold winters day; what's more, it's quick and doesn't require too many ingredients.

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5 spicy things you should try!

Spicy food is one of those things that you either love or loath  I am one of those people who love it. 
Curries, chilis and hot wings are all fair game.

Brand Focus | Jelly Beans - Coming Soon

Jelly Beans are rocking it this season with a few new launches and partnerships. The first up is the Warner Bros and DC Comics collaboration which looks awesome. The branding features Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman - which one is your favourite? 

Each of the DC collaborations features favourite flavours such as Berry blue, Cream soda, Very Cherry, Blueberry, Sour lemon and Wild blackberry - but - they're shimmery. What kid or adult isn't going to love that? And, prices start at £2.15 so are affordable for all DC fans. 

Spanish Week at Lidl | Was It Any Good?

We needed to pick up a few bits and bobs from Lidl today, which was literally a tube of toothpaste and some salt. However, as always, when we got there we were enticed by what was on offer this week; it is Spanish week!

Why Alcohol is Good For Your Memory - Yes, It's True!

University experts wanted to test if alcohol really could improve your memory rather than hinder it so they decided to put it to the test. The study was called   'Improved memory for information learnt before alcohol use in social drinkers tested in a naturalistic setting' and was completed by drunks between the age of 18-53.